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i'm watching


what am I doing?????

Ok Ok Ok….I have finally started my journey to becoming the greatest Voice Talent on earth!!!  Well…. at least get some gigs.    So you might ask why now in your life?   Well… I climbed the corporate ladder with some of the most elite companies around the world for the last 13 years.   NOT my passion just making a paycheck.  A damn good one too!   But not inspired and definitely not happy.  Our parents and mentors told us to go to school to make money so you can be a productive citizen in this world.   But at the end of the day.  They forget to tell you to find something that will make you excited to go to work, inspiring, LOVE your job, and ALL that good stuff.  This is what I wanted to do while in college. I was shunned by many.  As they say, ”they were looking out for my best interest”.   HA HA… So here I am now.  Ready FULL of energy.  I quit the big technology company in Redmond, Washington to pursue this career.  I have not looked back since!!! So follow me on this journey…hopefully I don’t fall off.   AC

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